Auction Status: Closed

Welcome to the December 2018 Benefit Auction For Crown Jewels of the Wire Magazine.

Auction closed: Sunday, December 9th, 2018 at 10:00 pm eastern (7:00 pm pacific)

Final total: $13,842 -- Our goal: $9,750

Thank you all for your participation!

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Linda and I are holding this benefit auction to pay the last of our expenses related to Crown Jewels magazine. After Shaun Kotlarsky was named the new owner of the magazine starting in 2019, we directed subscription revenue to him as it should be. But the result was that our cash flow dropped to a fraction of normal and eventually dried up altogether.

While we won’t receive the last of our expense invoices for another couple of weeks, our best estimate is that we will need $12,899 more than our available resources to pay those bills. With your help, we hope to raise the bulk of that amount in this auction.

Please look at the auction and consider bidding. We hope you find something of use among the 326 auction lots. All items in the auction were donated. Bidding starts at just $5, and there’s no reserve price on any item regardless of its value.

Note: Because the money is needed to pay current bills, we ask that any purchase you make be paid for by January 15th, 2019. Thank you.

Contributing to this auction were Phil Ball, John Barber, Jim Barstow, Larry Beauchat, Guido Boreani, Don Briel, Tony Brown, Barry Conolly, Dan Culver, Jim Cunningham, Robert Durfee, Eagle Cap Collectibles (Howard & Linda Banks), David Fleishman, David French, David & Delene Gillespie, Greg Haynes, Eric Howell, Stacey Huber, Ron Jenkins, Bud Johnson, Colin Jung, Jack Kesling, Fritz Kettenberg, Gil & Joyce Leacock, Bob Miller, Scott Morrell, Ken Morrow, Bill Ostrander, Renard Perucho, Mary Ann Pike, Steve Polyack, John Sanford, Pete Sawin (deceased), Bob Scafe, Brian Smith, Connie Tse, Jim Watson, John Weber, Rob Wilson & Roger Ziesak. (If we missed you name, please remind us. Thanks.)

Tim & Joanne Wood are donating their time to help us pack and ship the auction items. Bill & Jill Meier are donating their services to host the auction.

Linda and I thank everyone who contributed, and extend our appreciation to you for any bids you submit.

Howard & Linda Banks